InsightSphere Episode 1: Inside an Investor’s Mind

Episode 1: In this inaugural episode of InsightSphere, we get into conversation with Mr. Vijetha Shastry from Dexter Capital about the do’s and don’ts for start-ups looking to pitch to investors, the typical expectations of investor’s when they decide to invest their time and money into a start-up or its founder, how the start-up ecosystem has evolved, and how it has shaped the path that investment firms have taken. We also discuss the significance of knowledge and network sharing from stakeholders such as incubators and investment firms with the budding entrepreneurs and the instrumentality of podcasts and other such broadcasting techniques for the same

Hosted by: Nirupam Kritika , Edited by: Team, AIC- BIMTECH


Podcast Key Highlights

♠ 00:03:18: For the founders, do your research work, have some alignment, look at the portfolio, maybe you should talk to some of the founders who are already there in that existing VC portfolio. 

♠ 00:09:41: The expectation is to receive an updated MIS at least once a month. How’s the sales? How’s the traction? What’s your burn rate? What’s your expenses? Who are the new customers that you have on board? Who are the customers that you lost? And what are the new hires?

♠ 00:18:55: That’s what the focus is here to work with the founders to help them in whatever aspect that they need.

 00:24:01: It is never a final rejection. And don’t ever take a final no. Do not worry about rejection, do not worry about failure. Don’t hurt people when you’re failing, be careful about that. As long as you learn, you understood what the gaps were, and you come back in a fresh way to address the problem, address the customer needs, I think there is no way that you can be stopped.

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