Official Collaborator for South Asia

Stanford Seed Spark

A five-months long online entrepreneurship program that provides practical tools to help aspiring/early-stage founders to refine their business or business idea. Spark is an initiative of the Stanford Graduate School of Business and Stanford Seed. Stanford Seed partners with entrepreneurs in emerging markets to build thriving enterprises that transform lives.

Mentoring, fundraising, and networking
with Asia's best can spark your startup.

Program Offerings

A certified sector agnostic early-stage entrepreneurship program for MVP stage startups

5-8 hours/week

$150 USD*

5 Weeks to 5 Months


Cohort & Networking

Cohort-based, trusted community learning and Networking with Peers

Expert Sessions

Live sessions with experts, & asynchronous learning and activities


1:1 Mentoring by established business leaders across South Asia

Program Roadmap

Identify target customers and needs
Develop and test a prototype Refine your value proposition
Identify partners and build your value chain Define a Go-To-Market strategy
Explore your profit and growth models
Communicate your venture’s story through a compelling pitch
Cash Prize Competition and Certification Join Spark Network

Who can Apply?

 Applicant must be a founder or a Co-founder working full time, only one person can be part of the program.

  Mandatory has a prototype or Minimum Viable Product(MVP)/Service already in place.

  Officially registered business with clean records of financial transactions.

  Decent website with all relevant information. LinkedIn presence is a bonus.

  Looking for mentors to help them grow or raise funding.

  Any sector startup can apply with annual revenue less than USD 300,000.

Seed Spark Curriculum and Faculty

Spark curriculum developed by Stanford GSB faculty who work with startups and teach the flagship course, Startup Garage, at the GSB to MBAs.

Program Applicaton

AIC-BIMTECH does the screening as official collaborator. Seed-Spark checks facts and eligibility before selection in the cohort

Last Date of application for June Cohort : 31 May 2023

Next Cohort Commencement: January 2024

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