InsightSphere Episode 2: Decoding The Healthcare Puzzle

Episode 2: In the  episode of InsightSphere, with the speaker Dr. Vishal Gandhi⁠, the founder of BioRx & Indian Healthcare Angels(IHA), about the status of the healthcare start-up ecosystem in India, the policies, the challenges and the varied demands of operating start-ups the different sub-segments under the healthcare domain. This episode also discuss the conundrum of having innovations but not investable businesses and how to tackle this particular problem.

Tune in to listen what to do and what to avoid to get funds, and a successful start-up story in the healthcare sector. Hosted by: Nirupam Kritika , Produced and Edited by : Team, AIC BIMTECH, Write to us for query and feedback at ⁠

Podcast Key Highlights

00:03:22: There are huge grants, which are available by Department of Science and Technology and many other ministries, which are controlling the healthcare sector. We have also seen a very favorable policy framework for the growth of innovation and the market. We are now seeing research linked incentives, which is to make the Indian healthcare sector very inclusive.

♠ 00:12:18: Sometimes these innovations are funded, which are already in the market.I think the due diligence is very, very important. And a founder must do due diligence before these ideas are actually taken forward for funding.

 00:22:12:This is a disruption, and I hope that AI, and ML and other new models of competition biology will actually help us,, reducing the cost of developing a drug, if you can do that, I think we will be very impactful. 

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