Episode 3: Unveiling Synergies: Indian Government’s Entrepreneurial Revolution

Episode 3: In the third episode of InsightSphere, we talk to Mr. Pramit Dash, the Program Director at Atal Innovation Mission and a key change maker in the growth  of the Indian Startup Ecosystem. We discuss the journey of the development of the startup ecosystem in the country, heralded by the plethora of central government schemes to make a conducive environment for startup growth. We also talk about the synergies developed with other countries for reciprocal benefits for budding entrepreneurs through the Startup20 initiative.

Tune in to listen how the government is ensuring entrepreneurial growth at the grassroots levels and get an insider view on new initiatives yet to be launched for the start-ups in the country. Hosted by: Nirupam Kritika , Produced and Edited by : Team, AIC BIMTECH, Write to us for query and feedback at ⁠

Podcast Key Highlights

00:02:49: Specifically targeted at early stage innovators or startups, came in this scheme called Prayas. So this was our first intervention. Then take our second intervention, which is the formation of BIRAC, a clear focus on sector specific incubation and startup work, which is in biotechnology.

♠ 00:12:18: Vernacular Innovation, which is about getting all the modules which are essential for an innovator entrepreneur to understand right from design thinking, to market access, pitching, and all the elements in between. So, 12-14 modules, have it contextually translated and delivered in the local languages, or 22 scheduled languages of the country.

 00:22:12: So there have been three things that has come out of this Startup20 Summit. And I’m glad to say that we have had a tremendous consensus in it. The first major, major thing that will actually address a lot of your questions that we have answered previously, is the commitment of the G 20 nations to invest up to $1 trillion by 2030 in the startup ecosystem.

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