Team of IMPunjab & IIT Ropar TIF-AWaDH’s outreach event for ‘SWACH Accelerator Program’ hosted by AIC-BIMTECH 

The recent roadshow at AIC-BIMTECH, hosted by IMPunjab and IIT Ropar teams for the SWACH accelerator, spotlighted and disseminated crucial insights to WASH startups. This event marks a milestone in a nationwide roadshow initiative. Entrepreneurs gathered to learn about opportunities within the accelerator, fostering collaboration and innovation in the Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene (WASH) sector. The roadshow serves as a vital platform for networking, knowledge-sharing, and catalyzing growth across India’s entrepreneurial ecosystem. By showcasing success stories and sharing best practices, the roadshow aims to inspire and empower startups to contribute meaningfully to addressing pressing challenges in WASH on a national scale.

About SWACH accelerator, initiated by the India Sanitation Coalition at FICCI in collaboration with Innovation Mission Punjab and IIT Ropar, endeavors to catalyze innovation within the Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene (WASH) sector. This multifaceted initiative operates through three interlinked pillars, facilitating startup acceleration, providing technical expertise for scalability, and nurturing an ecosystem conducive to innovation. With a primary focus on addressing critical challenges such as waste management and hygiene, the accelerator aspires to establish a robust and sustainable framework, harnessing technology tailored to the unique needs of India. By fostering private sector engagement and promoting dialogue, it seeks to galvanize investment and propel the growth of climate-resilient startups. Eligible startups receive comprehensive support spanning product enhancement, scaling strategies, and access to markets, underscoring the accelerator’s commitment to inclusivity and societal impact within the broader WASH landscape.

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