SIDBI Cluster Intervention Program- Delhi NCR Cluster Inaugurated funding program, IGNITE- First Investor Clinic

The 1st investor clinic of the IGNITE (Investment Garnering in Innovative Technology Enterprises) program under the SIDBI Cluster Intervention Program was held at AIC- BIMTECH on November 28, 2023. Over 100 participants from startups, incubators and investor community participated in the program. The event marked the initiation of a series of three investor clinics meetings dedicated to fostering investments in the range of $70k – $100k per startup for the selected 15 startups. The program is being implemented in association with ISBA and FreeFlow Ventures.

The assembly brought together a confluence of key stakeholders—5 distinguished investors, 40 startup founders, and 30 incubators rooted in the Delhi NCR region. The purpose was clear: to provide a platform for knowledge exchange, mentorship, and, most importantly, to catalyze financial backing for the growing startups within the cluster.

The day commenced with enlightening sessions designed to empower and educate. Ms. Gurmeet Kaur, business coach, delivered a session tailored for founders, providing invaluable insights and strategies to navigate the intricate landscape of entrepreneurial leadership. Following this, Ms. Swati Singania took the stage to enlighten the incubator managers on the nuances of Incubator Compliance and Due Diligence—a crucial facet in the journey of Incubator seeking sustainable growth.

The meet was followed by a unique opportunity for founders to engage in one-on-one sessions with the esteemed investors present during the day. The meticulously organized Investor Clinic served as a bridge, facilitating direct interactions, and paving the way for potential direction and feedback for the founders.

Notably, out of these forty plus startups representing the Delhi NCR Cluster, a rigorous screening process will identify the top 15. The selected 15 startups will be provided assured funding opportunities to the tune of $100K per startup through marquee investors.

The IGNITE Investor Clinic 1 under Delhi NCR Cluster Intervention Program, stands not only as a testament to the concerted efforts of the Delhi-NCR Innovation Cluster but also as a beacon guiding the startups & incubators towards a prosperous ecosystem.

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