On Monday, July 17, 2023, Mr. Pranay Mathur, Partner & CEO of Realtime Angel Fund, conducted a highly informative Master Class Series Session 4, delving into the intricacies of the “Art of Raising Capital.” The session attracted over 110 attendees, including aspiring and seasoned entrepreneurs, students, and early-stage startups, who gained invaluable knowledge as Mr. Mathur discussed the fundamentals of the funding process and shared expert advice on securing investment for ventures.

During the session, Mr. Mathur began by discussing the paramount role of having clarity when seeking funding for a business. He urged early-stage businesses to gain a deep understanding of their own needs and identify the key aspects of their enterprises that would appeal to potential investors. By adopting the investors’ perspective and effectively communicating the unique value proposition of their businesses, entrepreneurs can significantly enhance their chances of attracting capital. He further added about mastering pitch delivery and the preparation of attractive pitch decks.

Before going for investment, startups must do research on investors who have previously invested in similar or complementary companies. By doing this, founders can build meaningful connections within the investor community, he added. He also highlighted that establishing and nurturing long-term connections with investors are essential attributes for entrepreneurs seeking capital.

Attendees were also introduced to a comprehensive array of funding options, spanning traditional avenues such as angel investments, venture capital, loans, and grants, as well as contemporary methods like crowdfunding. He also suggested  alternative financial methods like- bootstrapping, strategic partnerships, and revenue-based financing.

He encouraged participants to think innovatively and leverage these unconventional approaches to overcome financial challenges and propel their businesses forward. Mr. Mathur also underscored the importance of staying motivated and persevering through setbacks, as challenges are an inherent part of the business journey.

The latest Master Class Series, hosted by Atal Incubation Centre-BIMTECH, exemplifies the center’s commitment to promoting and educating aspiring entrepreneurs and startups. Through such initiatives, AIC-BIMTECH fosters a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship, paving the way for a brighter and more advanced future. The organizers extend their heartfelt gratitude to the session partners and participants for their enthusiastic engagement.


  1.  Clarity: Understand the need for funding and identify the key aspects of your business that will attract investors. Adopt the investors’ perspective to effectively communicate the value proposition of your venture.


  2. Investor Research: Thoroughly research investors who have previously invested in similar complementary companies. Analyze investment patterns to identify potential opportunities and establish connections within the investor community.


  3. Funding Options: Familiarize yourself with various funding options, including angel investments, venture capital, crowdfunding, loans, grants, and others. Explore the advantages and suitability of each option for your business.


  4. Pitching and Pitch Deck: Master the art of explaining your ideas to investors through rigorous pitch practice. Create a compelling pitch deck that effectively communicates the uniqueness and potential of your business.


  5. Negotiation and Investor Relationships: Develop effective negotiation skills and focus on building strong relationships with investors. Cultivate long-term connections to secure ongoing support and future investment opportunities.

For those who missed the session, the video can be accessed at:


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