Master Class Session 11: From Likes to Leads: Digital Marketing for Businesses   

Monday, February 26, 2024, The Masterclass Series Session 11, was led by ,Mr. Viraj Rajani , Founder and Managing Director Digipplewho shared insights on From Likes to Leads: Digital Marketing for Businesses.

Viraj Rajani Co-Founder of Digipple, which helps startups and businesses grow on digital platforms. With 5 years of experience in the digital marketing field & building Digipple, he is a self-taught marketer who continues to learn daily about digital channels and how they evolve around consumer attention.

Mr. Viraj then discussed the foundation structure of digital marketing, which consists of three pillars: Channel, Content, and Consumer. He emphasized that these pillars are the basis for all digital marketing strategies and approaches. Channel refers to the mode through which consumers interact with businesses, and each platform has its own guidelines for marketing. Consumer, on the other hand, is the target audience, and understanding them is crucial for successful marketing efforts.

The explanation of that there are two main methods for understanding the target consumer: qualitative methods and quantitative methods. Qualitative methods include interviews, focus groups, and social listening, while quantitative methods involve surveys, questionnaires, and analytics tools. He also shared a template for creating a client persona, which helps businesses to better understand their target audience. 

He then discussed storytelling, emphasizing the importance of human connection in marketing. He shared two frameworks for storytelling: the Lock Framework and the Hero’s Journey. The Lock Framework includes Lead, Object, Conflict, and Knockout, while the Hero’s Journey is a common framework used in movie scripts that can be adapted for marketing strategies.

Finally, Mr. Viraj explained the importance of providing value to the target audience through interaction and education. He stressed the need to establish trust with the audience by addressing their pain points and providing solutions.

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Key Learnings:

  • Understand the foundational structure of digital marketing (Channel, Content, Consumer) and how it impacts your marketing strategies.
  • Use qualitative and quantitative methods to understand your target audience and create a client persona.
  • Develop a 3-line universal strategy for digital marketing (Find out your TG, Find out Where they spent most time, Find out which content they resonate).
  • Create a hook, connect with the audience through a story, and provide value to establish trust and convert leads.
  • Use storytelling frameworks like the Lock Framework and the Hero’s Journey to create human connections in your marketing.
  • Provide value to the target audience through interaction and education to establish trust and convert leads.

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