Funding Alert | AIC-BIMTECH funded Blup in Seed India Fund Scheme

🚀 Introducing Blup: The Ultimate Visual App Development Tool! 💻✨

Blup is not just another tool—it’s a game-changer for the software development sector! 🌐 Over three years of meticulous development have culminated in a platform that seamlessly integrates design, logic, and backend functionalities into one user-friendly environment. 🎨💡

With features reminiscent of a Figma-like designer and automated code generation, Blup empowers developers and designers alike to bring their ideas to life with unprecedented ease. 💪 Plus, its intuitive logic development playground and pre-built backend system make app development faster and more cost-effective for teams of all sizes! ⏱️💰

Say hello to streamlined development processes and efficient collaboration. Say hello to Blup! 🔥

Congratulations to the entire Blup team on securing funding! Best of luck moving forward.

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