Episode 4: Beyond Borders: Exploring the Dynamics of Canadian Startup Ecosystem

Episode 4: In the fourth episode of InsightSphere, we talk to Ms. Cherry Rose Tan, General Partner at Renew Venture Capital and founder of #REALTALK,  North America’s first and largest platform on Founder Mental Health and one of the Top 14 Business podcasts on iTunes. We discuss the three pillars of support of entrepreneurship in Canada, ways of raising money for your start-up, and the strong community of support that the country has for entrepreneurs through different channels. We also talk about the emerging  sectors of businesses in Canada and about a special Start-up Visa program through which non-citizens can set up their business in the country.  

Tune in to listen all about the Canadian start-up ecosystem and to know about the unique opportunities for foreign entrepreneurs in Canada and how to leverage them to establish your start-up. Hosted by:Nirupam Kritika , ⁠Produced and Edited by : Team, ⁠AIC BIMTECH, ⁠Write to us for query and feedback at ⁠

Podcast Key Highlights

00:04:21:So for our Canadian ecosystem, I would say, three, like the main pillars, number one would definitely be universities, incubators and accelerators and government support.

♠ 00:13:18:I feel like if you’re early stage founders, we’re talking about pre-seed, and also say, especially seed stage, a lot of the ways that our founders raised, there’s like three pockets really around investors.

 00:16:09: So if you’re looking to fundraise, especially, for example, my Canadian founders, I’m often advising them, hey, you can still talk to Canadian angels and VCs and things like that still important to build the relationship and have the initial conversations with them. But it’s very likely that your first few commits in the round, it’s going to be very likely that it’s, it’s maybe a US angel or US investor who’s coming in instead.

 00:22:55:And what I mean by this is, especially here in Canada, we have a really rich set of like communities that are just really welcoming to founders, like events that are happening, people like places where people gather that they know, oh, this is the community hub.

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