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MasterClass Series : Session 8 :Customer Delight: The essence of D2C brands

November 27, 2023, The masterclass webinar featured Mr. Pankaj Vermani, Founder & CEO at Clovia, who provided valuable insights into the lingerie brand’s journey, its business challenges, and the strategies employed to overcome them. Mr. Vermani began by giving a brief introduction, sharing his entrepreneurial journey and how he, along with his co-founder and wife, started Clovia as a lingerie brand. The session was jonned by 200 participants who are keen to learn about the brand, and D2C markets.

Learning Outcome:

Business Problems in the Lingerie Industry:
The session delved into the unique challenges faced by a lingerie brand, emphasizing the difficulty in building a brand in this category. The speaker highlighted the necessity for constant learning and adaptation to navigate the complexities of the business.

Quick Overview of the Clovia Case Study:
Clovia initially focused on its website and eventually expanded with 71 exclusive stores. The case study provided a walkthrough of the challenges faced by the brand and how these challenges were addressed to achieve sustainable growth.

Building a Brand in a Challenging Category:
The speaker emphasized that building a brand in the lingerie category requires significant effort and continual learning. Survival, sustainability, scaling, and creating a legacy-driven brand were the key aspects discussed.

Customer-Centric Approach:
The importance of prioritizing customers and maintaining a personal touch in customer interactions was highlighted. Responding to every query and keeping it as personal as possible was emphasized as a key strategy.

Importance of Tracking KPIs:
A crucial point addressed in the webinar was the significance of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Mr. Vermani stressed that tracking and measuring performance is essential for success. He used the analogy of weight tracking, stating that one only excels in what is consistently tracked.

Logistical Aspects for D2C Business:
During the Q&A session, Mr. Vermani addressed logistical aspects critical for a Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) business. This provided valuable insights for businesses looking to streamline their operations in a D2C model.

Customer Opinions and Primary Data:
Attendees inquired about making customers comfortable sharing opinions. The speaker emphasized the importance of focusing on customer opinions and feelings about the product. Striking a balance between being data-centric and understanding the subjective experiences of customers was considered essential.

In conclusion, the masterclass webinar provided a comprehensive understanding of the challenges faced by a lingerie brand like Clovia and the strategies employed to overcome them. The audience gained valuable insights into building and sustaining a brand in a competitive market. The interactive Q&A session added depth to the discussion, making it a truly informative experience for all participants.

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