Web3 Cricket Strategy Game Cricinshots Raises Pre-Seed Fund

The global blockchain gaming market could grow to $50 billion in size by 2025, according to gaming consulting firm Naavik. Web3 has enabled interesting models such as Play-and-Earn that solve existing problems in gaming such as lack of return on investment on the time and money spent by users, lack of shared and interoperable experiences, and digital ownership. 

Founded in 2021 by 21-year-old award-winning game developers and designers, Harsh Savergaonkar and Aditya Kasibhatla, Cricinshots aims to redefine gaming experiences for the next generation of gamers and cricket fans in India and beyond. In building Cricinshots, the team has focused extensively on building a fun gameplay experience with a sustainable game economy, where users can enjoy perpetual ownership of their game items.

Harsh Savergaonkar, Co-founder, Cricinshots & Wega Labs adds – “Aditya and I are avid gamers ourselves and realized how the existing games have severe limitations. Users are the most critical element of any gaming ecosystem and the existing games do not allow for them to be entitled to any upside in a meaningful way. We also strongly believe that games should be gameplay and utility first and are hence following a bottoms up approach to building a meaningful and long term gaming experience that puts the user at the core. India loves cricket so it seemed like the most natural first step to building new-age games with Wega Labs. Also, both traditional and modern cricket games lack solid strategy elements and fail at long term engagement, and we are solving this with Cricinshots. The larger vision is to build games in multiple genres, which will come together to form an interoperable metaverse.”

“When we see newer economies emerging on the blockchain, we see new opportunities for people to enjoy games differently. With Cricinshots, we want to reshape mobile cricket games with fun and engaging sessions where users are rewarded for the value they add to the ecosystem, their time and passion.” adds Aditya Kasibhatla, Co-founder, Cricinshots & Wega Labs.

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