RISE Accelerator Team from CISRO, Australia & AIM Team Visted AIC-BIMTECH

The recent visit by the RISE Accelerator Team and AIM team hosted at AIC BIMTECH marked a significant stride towards fostering collaboration and leveraging collective strengths for startup acceleration. The esteemed delegation, comprising Ms. Tamara Oglivie, Program Director at CSIRO Australia, and Mr. Pramit Dash, Program Director at AIM, NITI Aayog, along with program managers Ms. Tanvi and Ms. Garima, engaged in insightful discussions with the leadership at AIC-BIMTECH.

The focal point of the discussions revolved around exploring the potential for collaboration, particularly in harnessing the incubator’s specialization in international startup acceleration. AIC-BIMTECH’s distinguished position as one of the top incubators under the AIM Umbrella rendered it as one of the ideal partner for such collaborative endeavors. The meeting was a platform for exchanging ideas and strategies to extend support to startups, aligning with the broader mission of AIM.

Ms. Tamara Oglivie, shared valuable insights into global trends and best practices in startup ecosystems in Australian markets. Mr. Pramit Dash, as Program Director at AIM, highlighted the synergies that could be forged to enhance the impact of the program.

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