Atal Innovation Mission Team Visited Atal Incubation Centre BIMTECH

7 December 2023, The Atal Innovation Mission Team led by Mr. Himanshu Joshi, Program Director, Ms. Garima Ujjania, Program Manager, accompanied by Mr. Pushpendra Rai, former Director of WIPO, recently graced AIC- BIMTECH with their presence. The visit was an enlightening experience for both sides, fostering a rich exchange of ideas and insights.

The team delved into discussions with the AIC- BIMTECH members, gaining a profound understanding of the innovative strides the incubator has made over the past six years in nurturing the startup ecosystem. The collaborative spirit was palpable as the visitors explored the diverse initiatives undertaken by AIC- BIMTECH to empower emerging entrepreneurs.

Further, presentations by two AIC- BIMTECH Incubated startup founders. Mr. Shailendra Sinha, the visionary Founder & CEO of Dr. At Home, and Mr. Abhishek, the dynamic Founder of Gleev Motors, took the stage to share their groundbreaking ideas. The interactive sessions provided a platform for robust discussions, offering valuable insights into the challenges and triumphs of building successful startups.

The synergy between AIM and AIC- BIMTECH promises to catalyze further growth and innovation in the startup landscape, as both entities continue their commitment to fostering entrepreneurship and driving positive change.

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