In a remarkable milestone, Atal Incubation Centre – BIMTECH recently commemorated its six-year journey in the incubation ecosystem. Established on January 20, 2018, with unwavering support from Atal Innovation Mission- NITI Aayog & BIMTECH, the host institution, AIC-BIMTECH stands as one of the pioneering incubators in India, contributing significantly to the Indian startup landscape.

Since its inception, AIC-BIMTECH has been at the forefront of fostering innovation and entrepreneurship. The incubator has provided vital support to over 350 startups, catalyzing the creation of 3500 jobs. Its influence extends beyond the startup realm, with more than 180 partnerships inked with academic institutions, investors, corporates, and both domestic and international entities. Notably, AIC-BIMTECH has been recognized among the top 10 AICs, as per the AIM evaluation framework of 2021.

This year, AIC-BIMTECH chose to mark its anniversary in a distinctive manner, reflecting not only its commitment to entrepreneurship but also its compassion for the community. The AIC team dedicated their celebration to the elderly residents of ‘Aangan Old Age Home’ in Noida. Spending three meaningful hours with nearly 40 senior citizens, the team engaged in heartfelt conversations, delving into the rich tapestry of their life experiences.

The interaction proved to be enlightening for AIC-BIMTECH as the senior citizens shared invaluable insights and imparted wisdom to the team. Their experiences became a source of inspiration, offering a unique perspective that can be seamlessly incorporated into the incubator’s journey ahead.

This celebration goes beyond the conventional boundaries of entrepreneurship, showcasing that innovation is not just about technology but also about fostering empathy and understanding within the community. AIC-BIMTECH’s dual commitment to innovation and social responsibility underscores its holistic approach to shaping a future where startups thrive, and compassion prevails.

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