Monthly Meetup – Baithak

A virtual/physical community meet between our co-workers & incubatees. #BAITHAK is a series of community meet to engage and have a better understanding between communities. Here we connected with the incubatees on video call who were not physically available. The attendees included members of our vibrant community which includes people from our incubated startups, mentors and the AIC-BIMTECH team. We exchanged updates on the present business scenario.

The Baithak usually ends with cake cutting where we celebrated the birthdays of the month and/or the awards won by our incubate.

This time we had a special 5-min talk with Aditya Bose, Founder at ProBano. He shared his experience from his recent meeting with Amitabh Bachchan on the set of KBC. He told us about how he felt meeting the start of the millennium and sitting on the hot seat. He said he was nervous but Mr. Bachchan made him feel quite comfortable. He was not able to cash a big amount as was expected from him but it was a once in a lifetime experience for him. Mr. Bachchan also took the personality test on ProBano a peer to peer counselling platform.

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