Energinee Innovation

Energinee Innovation is a startup founded by a well-talented first-generation entrepreneur Mr. Akash Singh. When Energinee came on board with the AIC they were working on a Hi-Tech walking stick, which generates energy from the kinetic movement and individuals can use that energy to charge their mobile phones. Energinee had some problems with the product. Their product was too heavy and they have other technical problems that they are facing in their products. So, they need to redesign the product. Further, they also wanted help with repackaging and generating connections with prospective clients. When AIC analyzed their needs, they came to the conclusion that their idea is not feasible from the business perspective and Mr. Akash should change his idea. Akash also had a will to do something good for society and wanted to contribute to the betterment of society and the environment. One day he saw some devotees throwing temple ash into water. After inquiry, he got to know that it’s a Hindu tradition. After testing that ash, Akash found that this ash is actually harmful to aquatic animals and whoever uses that water. So, Akash decided to do something about the situation. Then Akash came with the idea of making sculptures using the temple ashes. He talked to temple priests and convinced them to set up ash collection bins in Temple premises. AIC supported Energinee by providing him mentorship from Dr. Kumardari Ranga Chari and also connected them to the Ranganathan society of BIMTECH. Ranganathan connects Energinee with Greater Noida Jail Authority and with their collaboration, Energinee starts making sculptures with the help of Jail Inmates which subsequently added value to their product. Today, Energinee is successfully running this business.

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