Amalgam 2.0

Amalgam 2.0

About: A long-awaited, shared learning event was held, facilitating enlightening and valuable panel discussions as a fundamental exchange. These sessions yielded a huge range of ideas and suggestions, encompassing the present as well as the future of the start-up world.

Comprising a period spanning 4 days, 20 sessions, and 62 speakers from 17 different countries, it imparted interesting insights to aspiring Incubators, start-ups, the Intelligentsia group, and other participants of the start-up ecosystem.  Each day focused on one particular stage of the journey of a startup. 

The first day entailed ideation, whereas the second, third, and fourth days threw light on prototyping, revenue generation, and startup acceleration respectively. Each of these sessions was curated keeping in view the theme for the day. 

Dated: 8- 11 March 2022

Program Details

March 8: The introductory day began with a focus on the early-stage aspects of entrepreneurship, particularly for startups who are looking for a helicopter view of knowledge of the ecosystem. This will include the understanding of whether entrepreneurship is a grim or a glam process! From validation of an idea for making it a reality, from learning how to fund early age start-ups to the legal knowledge a start-up should have, each session has been specially curated.

March 9: The second day focuses on prototype development and the startup lifecycle’s pilot phase. We will delve deeply into a variety of topics, including unexpected opportunities and challenges that emerge only after piloting and prototype development begins. From ironing out the kinks to eliminate all anticipated issues before the go-to-market stage to leveraging various schemes, facilities, infrastructure, and ecosystem stakeholder assistance available to startups. The sessions will provide insights that will ultimately save startups time and money.

March 10: This day of the event is focused on empowering revenue-generating startups in the scaling-up stage. To accelerate the development of such startups it is important to make them aware of the opportunities that are available not just locally but globally and to extend their worldview. Furthermore, the sessions would emphasize the mentorship paradigm in the startup ecosystem as well as the critical variables involved in raising funds.

March 11: The Indian entrepreneurial ecosystem has seen a great boost in the year 2021, with the surge in the number of unicorns and IPOs. This marks us stepping into a new era with a broadened horizon for Indian startups to fly into. Day 4 is dedicated to the celebration of these new frontiers with the stakeholders who played a pivotal role in it.

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