For a healthy work culture at your startup

Startups in India have a work culture that focuses on flexibility. The work culture is necessary that a startup needs to focus on. In its initial stage, startups do not have a typical work culture, but in coming years with a growing number of employees and expansion of their business the initial work culture may be carried forward which may or may not be good for the organization in the future.

Therefore, startups need to focus on their work cultures, the behaviour of their employees, and well-being. Certain guidelines to maintain a healthy workplace need to be implemented for smooth working and to avoid any conflicts in the future which may harm the reputation of the brand in the market. Work culture is also dependent on the people one hires for the job. It is important that one hires the right person for the right job having qualities of maintaining the healthy environment of the workplace. The approach towards a problem within the organization should be a collective approach where people get the opportunity to put forward their opinions and not just follow their seniors.

All of these qualities are present in most startups but need to be taken forward when the organization expands and grows, that is the challenge and a very important aspect to sustain the business. Focus on the well being of the employees, more than generating revenues would not only help them perform better but also help to sustain employees for a longer time and give the employees a sense of belonging in the organization which would motivate them to think about the organization and help it grow despite their personal difficulties and differences.

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