Company Name: SMARK LABS


About: Smark Labs develops biosensors and testing kits for checking the food quality. These kits are easy to use and can be operated by anyone to check for quality or any adulteration of various types of food. We have developed cheap, rapid and robust, simple paper based biosensors which can be dipped in the food samples and it will give results within few minutes by changing it’s color indicating the presence or absence of particular contaminant by which it can differentiate between food sample which are fit for human consumption from the food samples which are not fit due to presence of contaminants. It is cost-effective, simple, portable and gives fast results. Each dip stick is one time use and throw and each stick costs from 10-20 rupees. It does not require any additional machine or tool for detection. It can be used for detection of several compounds in various sectors like agriculture, food, medicine, pathogen, toxins, drugs, hormones, antibiotics and chemical species detection. 


Year Incubated : 2019

Fund Raised: NO

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