Company Name: MUSHY ALLIE


About:  Mushy Allie is an initiative to voice the issue of Mental Health in India. We aim to remove the stigma, discrimination and neglect towards mental health as we, at Mushy Allie, strongly believe that happiness is your birthright, and we shall help you achieve it! At Mushy Allie, we try to reach out as many lives as possible, so that every single friend of ours can feel the joy of being happy. Through our very own podcast – Mushy Allie, we talk you through the life experiences and priceless advice coming from some of the most renowned and influential personalities across the globe, which we refer to as – our ‘gems’! Through Mushy Allie podcast, you can expect to hear wellness, happiness, spirituality, mindfulness, empowerment, motivation, inspiration, positivity filled and thought-provoking conversations with a variety of incredible people – all designed for this space to be a mental retreat for you. You can trust Mushy Allie to be a safe space for you to be the real YOU. A place where you can connect with yourselves and with people around you! It’s a place where you can breathe again, where you can let go of your negative emotions, a place where you can feel loved, worthy and cared for!


Year Incubated :  N/A

Fund Raised: NO

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