Company Name:  3R ZEROWASTE PVT LTD


About:  3R ZeroWaste was founded with a clear belief to do things differently when it comes to Waste Management. We saw a wonderful opportunity for the over 1.8 Billion tons of Waste lying in India since Independence and 80 Million Tons being generated every year, most of which is being landfilled or burned.

We want to reduce this pile of waste by reusing it as an alternative to fossil-based feedstock. By doing so, 3R ZeroWaste strongly contributes to the Circular Economy and improves the environmental footprint by saving energy and reducing CO2 emissions. It also responds to the needs of consumers and brand owners who increasingly call for sustainable products. We are fully committed to UN Sustainable Development Goals SDG 2030. Building a world without waste by setting up Integrated Recycling Units across landmasses to ensure circular economy with sustainability on every mile.




Year Incubated :  2022

Fund Raised: NO

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