Working with VC Firm!

Lots of people would love to work for a VC firm. This is an exciting high-profile job, which pays well and puts you at the heart of all the startup action.

The problem is that these jobs are extremely hard to get because there is intense competition to get into VC! Yes, it's important to have warm introductions, but all these allow you to do is to get a meeting - they don’t get you a job!

You need to take a laser-focused approach and target a specific VC you really want to work for - one whose investment thesis matches yours. Remember that VCs only care about one thing - they are all hunting for the next unicorn, and they know their magic sauce is the quality of their deal flow.

How would you help them to identify the next big thing?

Think about all the startups who you think would be a perfect fit for their portfolio, and get to know the startup inside out! ( It’s much easier to connect with founders than with VCs!)

When you send an email to the VC, preferably through a warm introduction, then pitch the startup, rather than pitching yourself! This will help you to stand out, and clearly shows you know what VCs are looking for!

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