Work Culture due to which startups Implode!

One of the reasons startups implode is because of the toxic culture which founders create. They are highly motivated and ambitious and want to drive their employees to perform, so they can reach their goals.

The problem is that in their quest to hit their targets, they end up abusing their team members.

Being frugal is important, but when you force people to do more with less, they are forced to cut corners, and quality goes for a toss.

Employees don't feel heard or respected and are treated as widgets. They don't get to learn anything new or to grow.

It becomes a very top-down, command and control structure, where employees aren't respected, and their opinions don't count.

They are given impossible deadlines, with unreasonable constraints, and if they don't deliver, they are punished for not working as hard as the founders do! And the employees aren't sure if the problem is because they are not competent enough, and start doubting their own self-worth and abilities.

Excuses are found to withhold bonuses and rewards, which is why employees feel cheated and used.

They feel they are getting the worst of both worlds - the bureaucracy and politics of a large company, with the penny-pinching salaries and huge workloads of a startup, without any rewards!

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