Why founders burnout?

They take pride in penny-pinching. They remain stuck in their scrappy startup mode, which helped them to achieve their initial success, even though they are now generating profits comfortably.

These old patterns of work can be harmful.

A simple way of finding out if you are heading for burnout is when you find yourself being forced to work on things that you hate.

Burning out will not help you or your company deal with all the stresses of scaling and founders need to remember to take time for themselves.

A CEO’s energy levels dictate those of the team!

Many entrepreneurs run out of steam and lose stamina after they have been running their startup for about 2 - 4 years.

The daily grind starts getting to them, especially when they find they aren't able to meet their rosy projections, and they want to give up and retreat to the safety of a well paid secure job.

The trigger for this is often the news of a competitor being funded, and they lose heart and hope.

Yes, this can be a stressful time, but if they can stay the course, they are likely to find that they have won the right to win, thanks to the expertise and experience they have gained in the domain.

They need to take a breather and continue down the path they choose for themselves.

Remember that it's always darkest before dawn!

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