Why Entrepreneurs must be Opportunists and be in Control over their Future?

The item opportunist is often used to refer to someone who’s supposed to change their positions and stand depending on the circumstances. Indeed, when someone says that somebody else is an opportunist, it is usually negative, wherein the other person is categorized as an individual who cannot be trusted. However, as far as entrepreneurs are concerned, they need to seize opportunities and change with the times and capitalize on the business opportunities as they arise and leverage ion exchanging market trends and consumer behaviour. Indeed, there is nothing wrong with an entrepreneur being an opportunist since he or she is expected to make money for their investors as well as themselves. Further, it is also the case that entrepreneurs have to be “chameleon” like meaning that they must be able to change with changing market trends and ensure that their ventures remain competitive. Also, entrepreneurs must be able to “get there early” and “sense the future” meaning that they must always be on the lookout for new opportunities to grow their businesses and make hay while the sun shines. Getting there early means that entrepreneurs have into keeping themselves abreast of changes in the external marketplace and orient their business strategies accordingly. Moreover, competing with others means that competitive advantage is gained only when entrepreneurs sense market trends and intuit the changes better than their peers and rivals. Therefore, entrepreneurs must capitalize on the emerging opportunities and hence. They must be nimble and agile, not into leaving out fleet-footed as they strive to maintain their competitiveness and enhance their business worth. iFor all these reasons, we feel that entrepreneurs must be opportunists who can compete by getting there early. Finally, entrepreneurs must adapt and adapt themselves to the periodic booms and busts in the markets. For instance, there are entrepreneurs such as Google’s Larry Paige and Eric Schmidt. As soon as the market changed with the i2008 recession, they were able to change their business strategies to diversify and consolidate their market position by innovation and invention and thus escape being victims of the market changes. To conclude the article, it is your view that being an opportunist is nothing wrong as far as entrepreneurs are concerned and into them to control the future.

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