The Art of Storytelling

The art of entrepreneurship nowadays has been witnessing the advent of smart and modern solutions to problems that could potentially create a positive impact on society. If you are a newbie, trying to develop models for societal impact, these would undoubtedly require equity investments and mentor by investors or by a community of closely-knit individuals. If you are to connect with anybody in order to have your entrepreneurial models funded, a key aspect that today’s entrepreneurs agree about being the need of the hour is effective communication aka storytelling. Storytelling refers to genuine communication about your ideas, products, services, or ventures as it provides value-addition while you interact with investors. Today’s entrepreneurs also consider value-driven storytelling as art to complement the right business models. Following are the effective ways of storytelling: Be genuine, do not disparage the competition Now, when it comes to narrative, it is vital to understand that the product will not make you connect with investors, even your English-speaking skills are not evaluated. What actually matters is the ability to present a virtual model of how one would implement the business idea for the real-world scenario with your targeted consumers. The actual business serves as the icing on the cake. Respect competition Being wise is another important aspect here. One needs to accept their competitors. However, there would not be an essential need to dissect them to find out their weaknesses. Offer solutions and communicate these effectively such that the investors are convinced that you have a motive to achieve. Your grand narrative There are venture capitalists who seek information about entrepreneurial traits; outside of traditional presentations, here is where your grand narrative comes in. This includes all value-added aspects of your venture summarized whilst conveying all your potential to be the next driver of change for society.

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