Story Telling: Essential Tool for Pitch!

Founders ought to specialize in storytelling tactics to make their startup even more engaging. This can be significantly fruitful since humans are predisposed to focus on the power and potentialities of great stories. This is a piece of excellent news for early-stage startups without traction since the story is typically the soul factor left to specialize in. By focusing on the origins and ultimate destination of their startup, founders can truly make their business more attractive and engaging than if they had achieved traction since investors’ imaginations regarding the potential for growth can sometimes seem limitless. To do this: First lay a powerful groundwork and historical narrative for why your startup is important or is solving a significantly acute problem for customers. The pitch of AirHelp, a service that helps customers get compensation from airlines for delays, provides an amazing example of the power of storytelling. By specializing in the nearly universal pain of airline delays, poor client service and poor inflight experiences, the founders of AirHelp empathized with their audience and raised capital despite very little traction. Second, craft a story about what the world looks like at scale for your company and the effect that it will have on your target customer. One of the most effective recent examples of this concerned Boom Supersonic, the supersonic jet company. Boom’s pitch centered on the future results and effects of its technology, like trans-oceanic transit times cut in half and day-long business conferences in London. These tactics had the effect of making the company look more attractive and engaging because it focused investors on ostensibly limitless potential whereby they might “imagine” the future in their own minds. This is precisely what startup founders should want: an investor buy-in to their company’s vision.

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