Different spheres of human life have enabled entrepreneurs to find innumerable problems to solve. One of these issues is something that pet lovers across the globe face. Pets make our lives amazingly beautiful but sometimes we might find ourselves in the dilemma of leaving our pets behind while travelling or certain health emergencies, It when these startups come to the rescue.

Vivaldis Health and Foods Pvt. Ltd.: Vivaldis is a company born out of the vision of professionals passionate about animal and human healthcare. It produces health care products for our fur buddies. The startup manufactures and markets novel medicines for chronic pet diseases such as obesity, cancer and arthritis. Since in India, almost 40% of pets suffer from lifestyle diseases, Vivaldis has also designed lifestyle management products for pets, duly supported by formulations for infection and infestation control. Founded in early 2015 by OP Singh, an animal health industry veteran and Kunal Khanna, a London Business School graduate, Vivaldi's operate in 25 cities across India.

Time for Pet:, was founded by a team of pet lovers with a serious passion for helping pets and pet owners. This startup is a one-stop destination for everything a pet needs, be it food, accessories or medical care. It allows you to post free advertisements through which you can put up your pets for adoption or adopt a pet. The site also provides doctor’s advice, which basically means you can get assistance from a vet in case your pet has a medical emergency. The website also houses a list of reputed veterinary clinics in Bengaluru.

Petdom: Petdom is a pet adoption platform on a mission to find the right, deserving home for all pets in India. Pet dog aims to aggregate and facilitate the adoption of thousands of dogs from animal shelters and NGOs with the help of technology. Even current pet parents who are looking to re-home their loved pet can use Petdom to find suitable families and individuals. They have a verification process and a binding agreement which the pet adopters have to sign. Pet dog also helps both the pet and its new family adapt to each other.

Collar Folk: Collar Folk helps people plan pet-friendly vacations with their ever-growing list of pet-friendly hotels, resorts and homestays across India. Other than that, they also help you find the right grooming and boarding services for your dogs. They even help you get a pet-friendly taxi for the trip. Collar Folk is for those people who hate to leave their pets behind when going on a vacation and would love for them to come along! This startup was born out of the founder Rukmini Vaish’s need to step out of town for a fun break without leaving behind Kiki, her 5-month-old golden retriever. She decided that she wanted to do both and then went on to set up her startup to help like-minded people.

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