Some Tips for Team Building!

Here are some tips to make sure a young entrepreneur builds the right team for their startup.

  1. Hire for culture You have to hire a mindset. If you're an entrepreneur, there are certain traits that surface every time. These include accountability, responsibility, hard work, work ethic, passion and a will to constantly learn and adapt to new things and trends.

  2. Be the first one in and last to leave If you're the founder of your startup, always be the first one in and the last one to leave. For example, When your team sends you an email; respond as soon as possible. If someone sends you a text, no matter what time it is, reply. Not only are you establishing yourself as a hard worker, but you're also setting the tone for the culture of your business. It cannot help but rub off.

  3. Always keep your word This goes back to building a culture. Make sure you keep your appointments. If you don't, you are single-handed, as a "leader," injecting your own enterprise with a dose of toxic poison guaranteed to kill your business. It goes back to another cliche: under-promise and over-deliver. Once you do that, as the leader of the company, you set the expectation and culture of dependability, reliability and punctuality, traits all businesses want.

  4. Set goals It should be remembered that whatever gets measured, gets done. As a leader, one must make sure their business has set goals and targets that each team member has to focus themselves on achieving. On the other hand, many founders get distracted with new ideas, new projects and new opportunities. One needs to forget all that. Always stick to the original goal – you owe it to your team, and yourself.

  5. Be patient Understand the process. And make sure your team does, too. There is no denying the fact that many times one might feel like no progress is being made. Remember, that is not a bad thing and building a startup is like going to the gym. In the first few weeks, you are not going to see any results. Then, suddenly, you see tons of results. After which the progress becomes a slow and steady race and one only needs to maintain the results.

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