Reasons for success of a startup!

A successful startup is one that has an impact

For most entrepreneurs, profit and revenue are merely a result of their startup’s real purpose and that is: To make a positive impact in the world. For the more practical-minded, a successful startup might be measured by how much of an impact it has had.

A successful startup is one where people are happy with your product

Unsatisfied customers mean that you will eventually run out of business. Keeping customers happy is of utmost importance, but for the ones that are struggling it can be the determining factor for whether or not they end up being failed. Ensuring that you build your product with your customers’ needs and wants in mind is what will make them happy. To most startups receiving positive feedback, overwhelming response about the product that they built to solve their problems means success but revenue is what counts.

A successful startup is one that gives you time with your loved ones

For certain founders, the ability to spend time with their family is the definition of a successful startup. The hustle and grind is real, whether you’re working a corporate 9 to 5 or you’re trying to get a new business off the ground.

A successful startup is one that gives you freedom

Being able to have freedom is what a lot of founders want to achieve and once they get that freedom that would mean that they have found the success that they wanted. Many people nowadays find the 9 to 5 job, a labor job and hence want to be free from being a corporate slave and find their passion in business.

A successful startup is one that makes you your own boss

Receiving orders from someone else cannot be in everyone’s DNA and well for some founders who had been striving so hard to get a ‘job’ in this unforgiving economy and have failed to do so, creating a job that allows them to do the work they love anytime they want and become their own boss is a measure of success to them.

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