Reason People are Opting Startup Culture!

Lots of companies ask for open feedback, by pretending to have an open culture, but sadly, the honest employees who openly express an opinion that is not politically correct are axed at the first opportunity.

Everyone learns that openness is just a farce and that keeping quiet is the safest option, which is why the bosses never learn the truth because the workers at the front lines are too intimidated to speak up.

Why do employees continue working in businesses which have a toxic culture?

One reason is that they don't know any better, and they feel that all companies ill-treat their employees.

For them, the known devil is better than the unknown one and they are scared that they end up jumping from the frying pan into the fire. Inertia is the default response for most people, and they prefer sticking with the so dysfunctional company they are already in because at least they are familiar with the whims and fancies of the Bosses.

A lot of these companies are clever at manipulating people and using both carrots and sticks to make sure that the employees toe the line.

Finally, even if everyone is unhappy, no one wants to take the risk of losing their job by speaking up, so they continue suffering in silence.

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