Pros of Interning with a startup!

Many people like interning with bigger names but they do not realize what a startup can teach them which these big organizations cannot. Some of the main advantages are listed below: -Gain real experience Interns in startups have to take care of a lot of things which leads to more responsibility. They get an insider’s look at what it actually takes to get a business up and running. As there are not many employees in startups, interns are also treated as regular employees and are given real-world tasks. However, most startups do not pay the interns but the interns learn about the business dealings with deeper insight. -Access to all employees Interns at a big corporate firm will never meet the CEO, which is not true at a startup. Interns have access to all high-level employees and outside contacts as well. This means having excellent networking opportunities when the internship ends. -Test multiple skill sets Larger companies mostly split interns between sectors, but startups can’t really do this. This means an intern would get the opportunity to work with the marketing, finance, IT, sales team, etc. This might look hectic, but interns can definitely try out their different skillsets and learn about all sides of running a business. This is very beneficial for those interns who do not know exactly what their passion is. -Feedback on personal projects Startup interns gain real insight into entrepreneurship and can definitely apply such learnings to their own projects. Many interns at startups have their own projects to do that they would like to get off the ground. In addition to the many contacts, startup interns have the authority to bounce ideas off of the internal team as startups are always looking for fresh ideas. Moreover, interns can get proper mentorship, feedback and can be pointed in the right direction on their personal projects too, which is extremely valuable.

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