Stand-Up Comedy business is on a rise in our country with its market increasing due to the penetration in tier 2 and tier 3 cities. While preparing the financials for Limewit, I came to know that they are capable of organising at least 4 open mics and 2 curated events every month. During the discussion with the owner, they said that they will be able to organise 8 open mic and 10 curated events by the end of the year 2023-24. According to the owner, the business is going very well and they are focused on delivering the best quality content to the audiences. For that reason, they have decided to take care of all the needs of an artist and have given him the only job of making quality content. Music Services are seasonal in nature, they are on the rise during the festive season which is the third quarter and during the first quarter also. The number of events that they are capable of organising is 3 per quarter and this goes to 6 during the third quarter, almost double the number. They are planning to take that number to 18 per quarter in 5 years’ time. Apart from getting their own events, they get more events through referrals. The number of events through referrals is the same as the events otherwise and the projected to grow on a similar basis. YouTube Videos. Limewit has two channels, one is where they post their short films, and another one is used for posting stand-up comedy and poetry videos. So far, Limewit has posted 2 short films on one of the channels and the other channel is where the major revenue comes from. The average number of videos uploaded every quarter is 9 for stand-up comedy and 3 for poetry. The revenue is based on the average number of views, they get 1 dollar for every 1000 views. Out of all the revenue that is generated, 40-50% of it is given to the artist as his commission and the rest is Limewit’s revenue. Video Production and Collaboration. Limewit also handles channels for their partners and they charge their cut for the same. Limewit also promotes brands of their partners by either arranging a standee or just promoting it verbally. They have been able to do only one such promotion so far and that promotion is usually done on their most viewed videos. Advertisements are something they plan to do in future. The average revenue that could be earned is quite high in this area. But, according to the owner, this vertical is very volatile and nothing could be projected before.

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