Pivoting the Product!

Startups are extremely unpredictable, and an entrepreneur sometimes finds that while his main product is not doing well, the side-line which he started because his customers demanded it does surprisingly well. It's not surprising that these little experiments do better — after all, they were created in response to customer's needs!

You need to get rid of your preconceived notions and consider pivoting. Just because you fell in love with your original product doesn't mean that you need to keep on flogging it if the market is not interested in it. Please don't treat the experiment as a stepchild — give it as much love and energy as the market demands!

The reason teachers prefer spending more time on their great students is that they are likely to perform far better than average. Smart entrepreneurs know when to be flexible and when to be rigid! When you are dealing with people, learn to be kind and considerate.

When it comes to your personal beliefs, be as rigid as rock and your values should be grounded.

Boats can be buoyant because they are anchored!

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