We motivated our incubatees to 'Re-visit' all the possibilities and to 'Re-Invent' them as per to the need of the hour. This resulted in the incubatees shifting to online platforms while others invested their brains in R&D and came up with promising solutions. Some of our COVID warriors are:

UNEAKO: AIC-BIMTECH's incubatee, Uneako Green Pvt. Limited has provided the world with an exemplary solution today. While India was battling with the lockdown and its repercussions, this team of two brothers - Ankit and Atul Tripathi, along with their able workforce invested their brains in R&D and came up with an innovative and much-needed requirement of today's routine - A Face Shield by the name of 'SN19'.

The product is designed to give all-around protection to one's face along with clear visibility. The highlighting feature of the product is its 'Lightweight' nature, it only weighs 40 g and hence can be bulk transported to the affected areas easily. The product is so pliant and adjustable that it can fit any person's face without posing any issues in bending and turning the neck or head. SN19 prevents touching the most vulnerable part of your body, your face, hence safeguarding you from the transmission of the virus. Altogether it's the 'Ideal Shield' for battle against Coronavirus.

As of today, there are lakhs of people including healthcare workers, policemen, media, volunteers etc. involved in food distribution who have benefited from this innovation. Startups like Uneako promise to provide 'Sustainable' solutions and support to society.

PROBANO: The global outbreak of COVID 19 has brought the whole world to an abrupt stop. The country has its eyes set on the declining economy and those who were headed towards their career paths are now struggling with anxiety and fear. The need for direction or guidance to these young minds is necessary more than ever.

Probano, an incubatee of AIC-BIMTECH, under the leadership of Aditya Bose, did not let the lock-down shackle the dreams and stepped forward to make the lives of these young people easier, amidst the chaos. With their mission of providing the best career guidance, they are undertaking a total of 100 virtual career counselling sessions for the audience all over India. They have enrolled unique guest speakers who are professionals from different fields and have invited the masses to join in the counselling sessions. The speakers speak about their journey so far and inspire people, on how to tackle life challenges and the current situation efficiently. Their innovative mix of technology and personalization is helping the generation to explore and discover their passion. AIC-BIMTECH is extending its wholehearted support to Probano to realize this target.

CONCIS: COVID-19 brought disproportionate job losses during the lockdown and specifically the rate was higher in the case of younger professionals. This had also given rise to some serious long-term repercussions for future employment along with economic viability, leaving these people with no salaries to draw.

AIC-BIMTECH proudly shares the success story of its incubatee, TGN Networks Private Limited (Concis), headed by Rohit Chauhan. He took a serious resolution to offer his services to the folks who lost their jobs due to the pandemic. The company devised a plan to reach out to the Fin-tech industry and financial services market and connect with individuals for possible work they can carry out. Concis offered jobs mainly pertaining to Report Editing and trained them via webinars. As a result, they got a huge response and they are looking forward to enrolling a total of 500 individuals by the end of July. The notion of Concis is not only commendable but also admirable.

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