Medical Startups and it’s sides!

A big problem with medical device startups is that most of these entrepreneurs are engineers, who have fallen in love with their product and aren't able to look at it objectively because they don't understand medical pathways or clinical workflows.

They usually have a mentor who is a specialist in that particular field, but he often has a biased perspective, because he is a specialist! He looks at the world through his personal lens and this is not representative of the world view of other doctors in clinical practice.

Thus, a neurosurgeon may come up with a clever idea for making an early diagnosis of a disease he has a personal interest in - for example, brain hemorrhage. The entrepreneur uses his engineering smarts to come up with a clever device that performs as desired and he is very pleased and proud.

However, they forget that if the device doesn't provide any useful actionable information to the practicing doctor - if it does not change his treatment plan - then it will not be adopted in real life.

The device generates clinical data which may be very attractive in a PowerPoint presentation when pitching to investors but is doomed to fail because it does not help doctors to take better care of their patients!

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