After the successful of KHOJ COHORT 1, We proudly launched our KHOJ COHORT 2. Our meticulous screening filtered out 18 excellent ideas pertaining to Agriculture, AI, Food, Education, IT and Automobile fields, They shall be engaging with us for 90 days, assimilating all the required knowledge of startup ecosystem and executing their entrepreneurial journey to transform into an affluent business venture.

Let us introduce you to our newly enrolled ideas.

Pragati idea is to create a SNH Robot that will be able to serve human beings to disinfect hospital rooms, operation theaters,  public places, floor cleaning and to serve medicines and food to the patients in hospitals. It will also contain the UV chamber that can disinfect everything that can't be washed with water. This will be a fully automated IOT based robot that can be controlled through an application of the mobile phone. This will be a fully automated robot. The services of this Robot will be helpful to the paralysed patients,COVID patients and the disabled patients.

Tea Swad is an online tea delivery startup delivering standard taste with hygiene and quality at an affordable price. They have tied-up with corporates, shops, showrooms, hospitals etc. for delivering them tea on monthly subscription or on-time demand. They have created a mobile application and through this application customers can place their orders.

DSM Tech is providing digital transformation of manufacturing factory floor software. This software is upgraded and personalised version of manufacturing execution system. They are licensing the existing software of the factories and update the same with their software. The are solving the problems of costly transformation of software and outdated lean manufacturing techniques in food, beverages and clothing industry.

Outbuds as the name suggests is your buds, out in the real world and is easily available as a smartphone application. Outbuds is real world activities to actually indulge in, according to your specific interests and socializing with other like minded people who have the same interests as you, thus making real connections in the real world.

DOT fairs are digitally empowering Trade Shows by managing visitor data for exhibitors and providing a seamlessly efficient and contactless experience to visitors during their Trade Show visits.

Clubmate provides accessibility & platform to every student in campus to reach out, share & collaborate their hobbies & interests together with many other like-minded people in clubs in their colleges.

CosmicNeurons gets you the right career & lets success run behind you !! Their mission is to get BHARAT from developing nation to the developed nation by making every person successful.

Skill Up address the problem of low employability ratio and work on holistic development of an individual by equipping them with 21 st century skills. They are developing courses, which builds 16 essential skills in students recognized by World Economic Forum in different phases of school life.

Te Chaska provides customers  a spice mix that adds value to beverages (Tea, Coffee, Milk and Warm water) by:
1)     Enhancing the taste
2)     Helping boost immunity

Gofindd is an online platform for users to find and book medical services ranging from doctors to labs. They digitize health data for better understanding of their users.

Mushy Allie work  for mental health and take up the unspoken, taboo topics that the youth faces. Their business model is to sell packages to schools, colleges, NGOs and provide children a safe space where they can openly talk about anything and everything. Their plan is to generate revenue 5 days a week and dedicate two days a week for the underprivileged children as a social cause.

AIR-Buddi is a device which makes use of natural purification of air with the help of plants as well as technological purification with the help of filters. One unit can easily purify up to 1027 sq. feet of closed area with a Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) 393 m3/hour. Air Buddi has a sleek design with a smart lighting system which varies with its surrounding air quality and therefore enhances the room decor. Air Buddi comes with a Wifi Control System which every one can easily access through their Smartphones.

Bioticsmart is manufacturing and selling of all kinds of natural probiotic foods and beverages.

Anima Drive found the solution in the form of their product- Palette.  They are producing Palette in multicolours and multi-flavours with an apt shape and size which acts like a refill of nutrients to replenish the nourishment in the plants root and one can dispose off it after it is devoid of nutrients. They also focussed on adding fragrance and providing an aesthetic appearance to the product, making it ideal for indoor gardening, kitchen farming and terrace gardening. This is the first-ever product with the above-said features.

Vmitis is a social platform where people can express themselves anonymously. Vmitis is built for the community to help people fight with their stress and anxiety. People can share their feelings without logging into the platform. People can also comment on other people's thoughts.

Wardo is a mobile app that helps users with their fashion lives. It includes several utility features & social platform to craft a beautiful & unique experience. With Wardo, you will have access to your wardrobe at all times. This can be especially useful when shopping to avoid buying similar to ones you own.

The Hobby Tribe is India's, possibly the Worlds first Hobby Tech company. Providing Online live Hobby classes with convenience and assured affordability all at the comfort of one's home.This venture started of as an offonline venture . At The Hobby Tribe, they hire a studio and run a class for everyone interested in that hobby in the specific area. They also  provide hobby accessories on rent for people to enjoy their passions without any financial commitments. As the pandemic striked they pivoted to online classes and in doing so became one of the first Hobby Tech companies. Now they have 45+ live hobbies and teach students from all over the world.  In addition to this, they also provide opportunities to people who are keen on pursuing their hobby as a career. They have also started The Hobby Service where they believe everyone has the right to pursue their favorite hobby and money shouldn't be a barrier, so for the underprivileged they provide workshops for FREE.

BRANDxHOOD is an independent online platform focussing on everything about customer – experience, brands, retail, marketing, advertising, culture, and art. The purpose is simple – to amplify consumer feedback and empower brands to become customer-centric