It has been 2 months that I have been interning with Atal Incubation Centre, BIMTECH. AIC-BIMTECH is an initiative by the Niti Aayog under its mission Atal Innovation Mission, wherein, they aim at fostering a startup ecosystem in our country. AIC-BIMTECH is a startups incubator with 43 graduated startups and 22 startups are currently working under it. It provides them with guidance ranging from, infrastructure, mentoring, fundraising, etc. I have constantly been a part of this, and I have derived so much learning out of this while attending the various sessions meant for the startup incubatees.

One of the mentoring sessions that I vividly remember was with Dr Sangeeta Shukla, Communications Professor at Bennett University. Let me give you some background, I went there with a Startup called Deltegic Solutions, which was initially providing ERP solutions to education management problems. Recently, they decided to pivot their model into one wherein they wanted to create an entire marketplace where they were acting as an intermediary between the schools and their various service providers. One of the examples could be of Human Resource related services to schools’ management.

When the owner of the startups addressed this in front of Dr Shukla, she gave a lot of valuable suggestions to him. She said that the various services that the startup is providing should be clearly categorised. Each service should get a header and it should be put into different buckets in order to make it easier for their clients. Another thing she suggested that even if the business is providing various solutions, it should specialize into one and build its brand around it so when someone thinks about that service, the startup’s name should be the first to strike their mind. Also, she said that the startup should not waste their time providing petty services such as school uniforms and stationery and instead devote that time and money into building a strong image around one of their offerings.

Such valuable mentoring sessions can be a game-changer for these startups who are relatively new in the market and do not properly know how things actually work in reality. And as an intern, it is valuable to me in terms of the insights I get to know while listening to people who are not only intelligent but also wise.

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