Among music, theatre and comedy, comedy is the fastest-growing segment. The credit for the growing popularity of these shows goes to YouTube. YouTube has helped activate audiences in certain towns. It is not that these towns have just learned to laugh at themselves because that assumes that this audience didn’t exist earlier. They always existed, there was just no way to reach out to them. Artists can also use metrics to deconstruct their YT audience, for every one person that likes a video, there are five people who get offended by it. There is a good scope to explore tier 2 cities for performing stand-up comedy, the opportunity to perform in cities and towns like Vadodara, Nashik, Ahmedabad, Kottayam, Vijayawada, Vellore, Puducherry and Raipur is always open. These are the places that haven’t seen too many such comedy acts before. Mostly the shows are in English, states like Gujarat have a strong tradition of stand-up comedy in the local language. People who come to watch these on-ground shows are the top 3% in these towns and cities and for them, a joke is a joke. One of the greatest things about performing in these cities is how much your assumptions are challenged. They make for a better audience because they are less jaded than the tier 1 audiences. In tier 2 cities, the eagerness to come in is a little higher. It’s a first time experience for them. The extent of urbanisation in small towns cannot be taken lightly because it is more vivacious and filled with optimism.

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