How to Create a Marketing Campaign for Your New App?

“It's not what you sell that matters as much as how you sell it!” — Brian Halligan

So, are you all set with one billion-mobile application of yours? It takes a lot of hard work and creativity to create a mobile app. But, with over 7 million different apps in the App Store and Google Play, marketing your app is no small task. Here are various ways you can consider when creating a marketing plan to back up your app. Let’s further explore these.

Know your target audience: Having a definite idea about your TG is a prerequisite before any marketing campaign. Every app in the market is targeted to some different demographic, knowing yours and how to appeal to them is the foremost step in the journey of mobile marketing. Have a in-depth research of the market and monitor your competitors to know your audience.

Plan a Pre-launch strategy: After figuring out who your right users are, don’t wait up. Plan out a strategy on how to keep your audience engaged. Always remember, engagement is the key to any marketing campaign. Marketing your app much before the launch can create excitement. According to a study, only 40% of users will search about an app in the app store. Make use of social media channels to spread the word about your upcoming app.

Work on content marketing: Content marketing will help you build trust among your customers and keeps them engaged. Blogging is one of the best ways to keep your customers updated. Blog about your experience of development of the app, this will make your customers feel included and generate interest around your app.

Optimization for better results: With the countless apps in the market, it is very important to get your app to optimize just like your website. To get the fine visibility and drive downloads, use well-researched and structured keywords. You can also get this done with the help of App Store Optimization.

Run app stores ads: To make your app stand out, paid ads are a must. You can’t solely be dependent on organic ranking. App store ads can help you boost your presence in the market and increase your visibility. Apart from this, there is various other affordable and effective way to run paid ads. You can go for in-app ads, social media ads, search ads, etc.

Track and Test: Once you are up and running with your marketing plan, the work is not over. Now comes the track and test stage. As a matter of fact, it is a continuous interaction of refining your advertising exercises, again and again, to constantly accomplish the best outcomes.

Remember, a plan is a foundation that helps you achieve your ultimate goals. Follow the above steps to kick start your mobile app marketing plan.

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