We have evolved and even our cities have become smart. We are living in the era of Industrial Revolution 4.0, Automation, Artificial Intelligence and what not. We are shifting from a traditional way of living to a more sophisticated and smart way. Our urban problems can only be dealt with by smart solutions. Innovation is embedded in a startup and that is what we require at this moment. We need more such startups that could find our local problem with a social impact and also be able to run successful businesses out of it.

We have startups working for various sectors taking care of the majority of our problems. For example, a Greater Noida based startup called ProBano is gearing up to deliver technology backed career counselling to your kids to decide for them about what career to choose as young kids do not have such clarity in their minds, ProBano is here to identify their strengths and guide them towards a better direction. There is another startup called, Better Drones, which is delivering drone-related education. Then there are Energinee Innovations, which is serving the society and environment simultaneously by using temple ash to make beautiful sculptures. The temple ash is drained into rivers which is hazardous for marine animals so they are preventing that from happening. Besides this, they are building those sculptures by giving employment to prison inmates.

Finding local problems, providing social impact and converting such ideas into successful business models is the reason why these startups are doing good and we as a society are experiencing a change in the way we look at problems these days as we have smarter ways of solving them.

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