Foundation for Innovation and Technology Transfer (IIT-D), Huddle and Atal Incubation Centre- BIMTECH (AIC-BIMTECH), has launched a program tailor made for the founders of young India. First Founders Program is a five-month program focusing on the founders, and helping them to structure their venture and team with their vision at core.

This program is free to apply for any founder residing in the country and venturing into deep-tech. This program offers the best of what FITT, Huddle and AIC-BIMTECH has to offer, as the shortlisted members of the cohort will be co-incubated by all the partners simultaneously. This program will end with a demo day, where the investors will hand pick the startups they are interested in. The program is accepting applications from 8 February 2020.

Dr Anil Wali Managing Director, FITT discussed how this program came into existence. “Many ecosystem enablers like incubation centers, accelerators, corporates, funding agencies etc. have been trying to find the root cause of the startup failures. The conclusion we reached, was not singular, but a group of problems that effect startups, especially founders, during their journey to sustainability. If the issue is complex enough not to be resolved by one of us, why not join hands?” asked Dr Wali.

Dr. Abha Rishi, CEO, AIC-BIMTECH invited the young founders to participate in the program. She said, “Being an internal part of the ecosystem makes you realize the shortcomings which startups faces on their journey to even reach breakeven. First Founders Program is our resolve towards the collaborative approach required in the entrepreneurial ecosystem.”

Mr Sanil Sachar, Co-founder, Huddle expressed his desire to support the ambitions of the founders. “I have been on that end. I understand how it feels when the passion is not converted into a success story and the “WHYs” behind it. First Founders Program is to take care of those factors.”

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