Communications and Delegations Mistakes of Startups

There’s a perfect chance your startup will fail. Nine out of 10 do, they say. There are many reasons for this, but many boil down to failed communication. A lack of delegation and communication can make your startup go belly up faster than anything else. It might seem like trying to control your team’s every step is the right way to go, but you’re only compromising its success in reality. Here are the four most common startup communication and delegation mistakes:

  1. You aren’t delegating enough As your team grows, you naturally continue to feel like you need to have your hand in everything, making UX decisions to pay electricity bills. But this is where the long line of startup delegation mistakes begins. While it may feel natural for an entrepreneur, being a control freak is one of the worst things you can do for your product and your team.

  2. You aren’t sharing your goals with the team Communication mistakes in business are pretty commonplace. This problem is much more common in distributed startup teams than in co-located ones. Still, since 43% of employees in the United States alone spend at least some time working remotely, it’s essential to mention it. Startup founders who didn’t care to communicate their product vision and goals to the remote development teams I helped them set up and manage. In most cases, this meant the developers would come to work, open the task tracker, see a new task, and get to it without understanding where it stands in the grand scheme of things.

  3. You don’t have an established communication process It’s not hard to imagine what happens to product development when no one knows what their team members do and whom they can talk to if they run into a problem. It turns out to be a complete disaster.

  4. Your Estimation Process Isn’t Working The team lead may have all the world experience, but if they aren’t going to do the work, the value of their estimate is close to zero.

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