Claim and Insurance Companies!

How insurance companies make life hard for their customers?

They will make paying the premium instantaneous, but will make you jump through endless loops when you raise a claim!

Thank you for contacting XYZ Travel Insurance. Documents to be submitted in support of the claim for reimbursement are as follows:

a. Covering letter to specify the claim. b. Claim Form – completed and signed by the Insured. c. Copy of passport, visa with entry and exit stamp. d. Copies of boarding pass to-from journey, ticket, baggage tags. e. Copies of correspondence with the Airline authorities/others about the delay of checked-in baggage. f. Property Irregularity Report (PIR) Report is obtained from the Airline authorities stating the duration of delay (This is a written proof of the delay from the carrier). g. Voucher of Common Carrier for the compensation paid for the delay in delivery of the Checked-in Baggage. h. Copy of Baggage delivery report/receipt. i. Copy of Cancelled Cheque (Insured’s name should be printed on Cheque) or Active Bank Account Statement which contains Insured’s Name, Account Number and IFSC Code of the Bank. Details furnished in Part C of the claim form must match with details mentioned on the cancelled cheque /bank statement.

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