Breaking the Stereotypes

Innovation is the key in business. Not introducing something new or not communicating to consumers in a way that excites them about the product/service can negatively impact the business. This is the trap of stereotypes. The trap of stereotype not only occurs in describing their business but also in their work culture where they fear to experiment with anything new and more appealing to the internal customers. They often tend to focus so much on the work culture and making the office comfortable that they lose on their vision and mission in the journey. It is important for every startup to provide certain perks to their employees but some come to a point where they start to provide luxury and not just comfort. This may affect the efficiency of the startup and its work culture as well. Furthermore, startups have been known to have a friendly and relaxed atmosphere where language can sometimes be a problem. Not internally but externally. The use of slang and acronyms may boost up the internal working but in the end, a startup needs to have a certain professional touch because they need to connect with a bigger organization that may conduct themselves in the most professional manner. Also, in order to generate funding, some startups tend to take up work that is not of their domain which would damage their internal work system and sidetrack the mission with which the business was introduced. These are some of the stereotypes that need to be avoided by startups which could damage their reputation and their brand in the future.

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