Attracting Investors by Being More Likeable!

It's a known fact that over 90% of startups fail. For founders struggling to get to that elusive 10%, being liked is one thing that's not kept in consideration. Popularity contests, it seems, don't end in high school. Being likeable is essential. If you have a likeable business as part of your startup growth strategy, you already have a leg up on the competition. Successful people usually aren't just brilliant but also socially skilled. Numerous studies have supported this, and being famous isn't just suitable for the individual; it's a business strategy. The era of the cold-hearted corporation is behind us. People want to support a service-minded company, and that incorporates a philanthropic focus. In a survey of 2,000 people commissioned by Fortune, millennials found themselves to prefer working at a company that gives back. How to Create a Likeable Company Culture It's one thing to include language that complements your desired company culture in business plans, SOPs, and internal documents, but how do you create that culture? Simple Mills, a company known for its almond flour crackers and simple ingredients, faced the conundrum of creating company culture early on in their startup days. Founder Katlin Smith reported to that she made company culture part of Simple Mills' DNA. Founders can find inspiration by mimicking some of her strategies: Use quantitative analytics to help drive decisions. Every marketing campaign has numbers attached to it to know what works, what doesn't, and where to improve. Ask "why" with every business decision and consider if there's a better way. Innovation is at the heart of success, and there is no reason to go with the flow just because it's the norm. Simple Mills offers flexible scheduling to encourage happiness in the workplace. Happy workers are productive and take a vested interest in the company. It is prioritizing fun without undermining the company's main goals. This can be in the form of team dinners in pyjamas, dance parties throughout the day, and plenty of cheerful inside jokes.

No matter your budget or industry, there are avenues to increase key people like job candidates, customers, and investors like you and your company. You're at an advantage, able to direct that likeability from the gate. Don't bypass this critical positioning; start building likeability into your company, culture, and brand.

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