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It's a known fact that over 90% of startups fail. For founders struggling to get to that elusive 10%, being liked is one thing that's not kept in consideration. Popularity contests, it seems, don't end in high school. So being likeable is essential. If one has a likeable business as part of your startup growth strategy, he already has a leg up on the competition. Successful people usually aren't just brilliant but also socially skilled. Numerous studies have supported this, and being famous isn't just suitable for the individual; it's a business strategy. It's not only potential clients who want to work with a likeable business. Investors want to like their investments, too. Taizo Son, in an interview with CNBC, prefers to focus on the founder rather than the company. My criteria to invest are the founders. So, I won't check any business plans, any economic projections, spreadsheets; but (instead) I focus on the founder's mindset (and) passion. While corporations have picked up on this and have been adopting campaigns to bolster their images, it might seem complicated for a startup with limited funds to do the same. Startups should remember that one does not have to rival Gilead by donating $2 million to the Liver Foundation per year or Walmart's $100 million for retail workers' economic mobility. If someone has a startup on a budget, he/she can start by: -Creating a fundraiser led by employees to benefit a local non-profit -Encouraging volunteering as a team, perhaps instead of a few hours worked per month or one week per year Creating a fundraiser is far from new, but it has stood the test of time because it makes people feel good and valuable. Having your employees help in this endeavour, instead of just giving funds to a non-profit of your choosing, offers the whole company meaning. As a bonus, it boosts the startup's "heart" quotient from an outside perspective.

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